Bedan Meimban, DMD

General Dentist located in Clovis, CA

About Dr. Meimban

Expert dentist, Bedan Meimban, DMD, brings extensive experience in general, preventive, and cosmetic dentistry to Golden Valley Smiles in Fresno, California. He proudly serves men, women, and adolescents throughout Fresno County. 

Dr. Meimban was born and raised in the Philippines. He began his professional pursuits at the University of the East College of Dentistry in Sampaloc, Manila, where he earned his Doctor of Medicine in dentistry. Following graduation, Dr. Meimban moved to the United States and entered private practice.

As a dentist, Dr. Meimban enjoys working with adolescents and young adults. He loves educating his patients about the benefits of good oral hygiene and specializes in restorative dentistry. Dr. Meimban always sets aside plenty of time to understand his patients’ unique needs and concerns. After a thorough exam and consultation, he develops treatment plans to improve their oral health and quality of life. 

When Dr. Meimban isn’t working with patients or augmenting his professional skills, you can find him gardening or spending time with his wife and young son. He welcomes anyone seeking improved oral health to Golden Valley Smiles today.